Crafty Christmas #3: Photo Gifts

Monday, November 28, 2011

Last Christmas I decided to give my mom a calendar with photos of her 2 beautiful grandsons. I knew that I could go online, upload a few photos, and be done with it in no time at all, but instead I did all the work myself! {ok, my silhouette may have helped me out a little} I originally thought it might save me some cash, which it definitely did not, but the result was beautiful and personal and I had fun doing it.

 {click the picture to see photos of the full calendar}

Having learned from my experience, and seen the improvements being made to the sites where you can build photo gifts, I would definitely say that one of those is equally awesome for a gift. And if you don't have the amount of time that say, a university student without a job might have, then they would definitely be the way to go. My favourite two sites are Mixbook and Shutterfly, but I know there are many other wonderful ones out there as well.

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Mom said...

I love that calendar! It's a keeper, not only for the photos, but for the thought and creativity you put into it for me. Luv ya.