Thrift: Owls

Thursday, September 22, 2011

On a visit to the thrift store the other day I found these two owl ornaments. They were the most hideous brown with orange rhinestones sloppily glued in the centre of their eyes (one was missing on the small owl), but they had potential. I had seen this post on Ohdeedoh and have been inspired by all the spray painting vintage items that I've seen on other blogs over the past few months so I decided these would be good to experiment with. If I failed miserably, it would only be a couple bucks lost.

The painting went really well, but you could see the glue remnants in the eyes still, so I used my silhouette to cut some vinyl for the eyes. I stuck those on and gave them a couple more coats of paint. I really liked how they turned out!

They found a nice little home on this weird tree shelf Mason bought me a year ago! Now I just need something to go on top...

2 wonderful comments:

Mom said...

They are perfect for the tree shelf! Very cute.

Tara said...

These are great! And owls are so in right now... funny that they must have been cool at another point in time too!