Little Man Dress Pants

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mason's cousin is getting married this weekend in a town a few hours north of us, so Gavin needed something nice to wear. He had a nice shirt and vest, but no pants to go with them other than jeans. Instead of spending money on pants he will probably only wear once or twice, I just made some. I had some black twill fabric on hand so this project was basically free! I used Dana's pants tutorial because it's awesome and fits Gavin really well right now.

{Gavin wasn't really in the mood to be my model this day, so I didn't get the best pictures. He wouldn't put his shoes on or tuck his shirt in and the only picture I could get of him standing nicely by a natural light source was this really sad one! Haha}

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Mom said...

Great job! All the little girls will be following him around - he looks so handsome.