Summer in Review

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Remember this post from April? I decided to set myself some goals for the summer. They were simple, flexible and not hard to accomplish. Plus the lack of specificity left me a lot of room to define them as I went. Since I set the goals on the blog, I decided I should go over the results...
{note: ok, I used photos to make the post more interesting, but I'm generally the one with the camera... so there aren't actually photos confirming I did these things}

1. Get outside

I did really great at this for May/June/July. August, mmmaybe not quite as much, but I'll give myself a pass anyways. In May I would take Gavin to the park almost every day, which was awesome. In July I brought my bike out of storage at my dad's place and rode it a couple times a week. And in August we went camping, so living outside for 3 days really should count for a lot!

2. Walk

What I meant by walk was exercise. The majority of the park trips Gavin and I made this summer were after daycare when I would walk to pick him up, walk to the park and then walk home. I also hit the gym in July and worked off 3 pounds which brought my weight loss this year up to 10 pounds! So that felt like a big accomplishment. I think that means I can check this one off the list too.

3. Read

I read. I didn't read a lot. In fact, I don't think I read a full book for each month I had off school, but I did read a couple full books which is more than I can say for the past couple years. And I did read a lot of children's books with Gavin, so we'll just give this one a big check as well!

4. Go Camping (more on this soon)

Yay! We went camping! It was Gavin's first camping trip ever and our first time camping in the mountains. I'm so happy that we had that experience as a family and made so many fun memories.

5. Get a Job

For the first time in almost two and a half years I worked! It was... okay.... Honestly, it was really nice to get a pay check though, no matter how much smaller than Mason's they were (my hours were much, much less too). I only had full time work for about 2 weeks, then the rest of the summer was part time. In the end, it was a new experience (a job I hadn't done before) and I didn't spend the whole summer stressed about the low numbers in the bank and high numbers on my credit card.

Success! I accomplished all of my goals this summer! It feels great and I have some great memories. I also learned some good stuff about goal setting by doing this: specific, difficult goals are totally overrated. Why set myself up for failure? Making it easy to succeed is so much better.

What small (or big) successes have you celebrated lately?

PS- today I get to hang out with Gavin and my nephew Ben then check out my sister's new classroom with them... I'm sooooo excited! :)

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