Gavin's Skill Book

Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm so excited to share this project with you guys! Mason had something like this as a kid and told me about it ages ago. You can get a similar thing (not in book form) by Melissa & Doug. I've also seen Montessori materials along the same lines. So with that as inspiration I just dove right in with this one. I decided 2 days before the plane ride that it would be the perfect toy to keep Gavin busy so I worked my butt off to get it done on time!

I called it his skill book because it's full of basic skills for him to master. It makes sense that it would be easier for him to learn how to use a zipper or buttons when they are in front of him instead of on him, right? That was my thought anyways. So let's look through the pages!

The first page is like a belt with two D rings.

The second page is lacing and he third page is tying.

The fourth page is a plastic clip and the fifth page is a zipper.
(I made sure to use a zipper that separates at the bottom like a coat zipper)

The sixth page is a pocket with snaps and the seventh page has strips of velcro.

And the last page has buttons!

Gavin played with it quietly on the plane (although he was so good and didn't really need toys) and it will hopefully help him learn to master some skills soon too! Once we got to Regina, we got together with my mom's family and I had a chance to show the book to my cousin's three and a half year old daughter. She was the perfect age for this toy because she did struggle with most of the activities she tried, but could conquer them all within a few minutes.

3 wonderful comments:

Mom said...

After having seen this in real life, I can't believe you whipped it up in a couple of days. It is amazing!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Cuuuuute!!! I want to make one for my little nephew. I want it to be his "quiet book" :)

tt.scraps said...

Great idea and great job!!