Thursday, August 11, 2011

Last night Gavin and I were at Chapters while Mason was doing homework. We like going there because I can grab a stack of books to flip through, then sit and watch him play with their toys. He loves playing with their giant train table.

So that was exactly what we were doing last night. I was flipping through One Yard Wonders and he was playing. I asked him every few minutes:

"Do you have to go potty?"

And on it went. After a while he paused from his playing and looked at me with his "uh-oh" face.

Sure enough, his shorts, shoes and socks were all wet. Ugh. "Oops! I peed!" He said, rather loudly.

I tried to shush him and hurried him off to the bathroom, which was conveniently on the other side of the building. He kept trying so say "I peed, Mommy", "I had an accident", and I kept trying to keep him quiet and flee the scene!

When we got to the bathroom, there were lot of people in there. I took him in the stall with a change table and started cleaning him up. I was grumbling (silently) to my self about the whole mess (because it was a lot messier than a little number 1) and he was trying to lighten the mood by saying, "I'm happy, are you happy?"

My grumbling continued anyways and when I finally had him in a pull up and off the change table I warned him not to sneak out of the stall (he has been known to do this).

He just smiled at me and started busting a move to the music over the intercom. It was hilarious.

And he knew it. We laughed together, then I hurried my silly pants-less child out of the store!

Have you had any funny moments lately?

5 wonderful comments:

Tara said...

Oh my goodness! Good for you for laughing :)

I actually took Ben to the library for the first time yesterday and he played with the toys there. And he LOVED it! I couldn't believe I'd never thought of it before. I'm not sure if he's old enough for the toys at Chapters yet.

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Haha, in situations like that, all I could do was laugh. It was way better than being grumpy mom for the next hour.

That's a good idea to take him to the library. I didn't even realize they had toys at libraries (clearly it's been ages since I've gone to a non-university library). I've never been to the library here, maybe I'll check it out with Gavin one day! Either way, reading the books would be fun. Ben probably needs a little longer until he's ready for the chapters toys. I would assume they have a similar setup in Regina, but I can't recall?!

Mom said...

Ah - one of those wonderful moments you wished you weren't in at the time, but love to look back on and laugh. I'm glad you can have a sense of humour about these things. Those kinds of things happen to all moms at one time or another and getting mad over them doesn't make them not happen anyhow. You are a great Mom!!!

Anna K. said...

At least you've got a happy little guy on your hands :D

Lisa Fergus said...

lol!!! Too funny!