Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I had a wonderful long weekend! I just had to share. My weekend was only one day extra, but I felt like I was on holidays, not just on a momentary break between work weeks and that is what made it great. Mason's parents and brother came to town on Friday and are here for a week. We went swimming, to the zoo, to a huge mall, ate ice cream, the guys have been golfing, and Mason and I even had a chance to go for an amazing Mexican meal, just the two of us.

[I got this butterfly to crawl onto my hand and he ran his funny proboscis all over my finger... haha]

Mason, Gavin and I have all been getting spoiled and will probably act like brats for at least a week following the Schaffers' departure. But that's ok because it's been tons of fun and we don't get this much time with family often.

How was your weekend?

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