No Accidents Sticker Sheet

Monday, July 4, 2011

We've been working on potty training with Gavin for a while now. We were doing so well for a while, and then things just sort of slid backwards. I say we because he started having more accidents, and we stopped being as diligent... so it was a problem with all of us.

Anyways, we're trying to hop back on the bandwagon and get through this messy phase and out of diapers. Since accidents were becoming such a problem I decided I should make something to reward Gavin for having accident-free days/hours/whatever. So I just drew up this little chart on a piece of white paper, "laminated" it with clear contact paper and stuck it on the fridge at his level. I left two spaces per day so that one could be for the morning and one for the afternoon/evening.

I also bought some fun stickers and used a magnet to hang a sheet of stickers on the fridge. We'll see how it goes, but today I let him put one sticker on for his accident-free morning and one sticker for his evening (he had one accident but went potty like a good boy 3 times before that). I may also let him put one sticker on for each time he goes potty, but we'll just see what works!

And maybe at the end of the week I'll let him peel all the stickers off and stick them on himself/a picture he made.

Any amazing secrets for potty training that you'd like to share?

3 wonderful comments:

Anonymous said...

AW how cute, I went through the same with my son he is 3yrs, he is now completely potty trained even at night time.
I was just like you guys at the beginning he would do good for a couple of days and then he would have some accidents, And I wasn't as diligent. I also did the sticker thing but what worked for us was, one day i just completely took the dipper off and for some reason it just clicked with him because after that he didn't use a dipper again, not even at night. And he hasn't had an accident again.
I wish you guys good luck! :)

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Wow! I hope he gets it soon. Whenever it is, it will be so nice to be through with diapers! It's amazing your son didn't even have accidents after he was trained. Good for him :)

Anonymous said...

Yea It takes time but it will come to him when he is ready. I can't wait to be done with dipper too, I still have a 2 yr old to train lol.