Fun Family Birthday Card Tutorial

Monday, June 20, 2011

[Project disConnect day 11]

As you probably know by now, I am a student for 8 months of the year. And for the other 4 months, I can only hope that I find employment in any shape or form. That means that everything I see in any store seems expensive! Groceries from a store are justifiable, birthday cards... not so much. So I put together a tutorial so you can make a cheap birthday card that your family will love more than anything Hallmark can come up with. And by the way, this idea was inspired by Color Me Katie's street art. :)

What you need:

1 white poster board
a black marker
masking tape
a person
a digital camera
a computer
glue stick (optional)
a 5x7 piece of coloured card stock (optional)

How to make it:

Draw a conversation bubble on your poster board with your black marker and cut it out.

Stick a couple loops of masking tape on the back of your conversation bubble.

Stick the conversation bubble on a wall.

Stick a person beside/below your conversation bubble and take their picture.

Upload the picture onto your computer and then onto picnik.

Edit your photo as you like (they have lots of fun stickers and effects) and add text in the conversation bubble.

Order a print of your picture (I did mine through Walmart) or print it off if you have the supplies at home.

Now you can just write on the back of the photo OR you can spread some glue on the back....

And stick it on a piece of colourful card stock.

Then write your message on the back of that.

And ta-da! That's it. Unless the lucky receiver is a hoarder Hallmark card collector, this card will probably be loved and saved for longer than anything from a store.

Oh, and the total cost? About 70 cents (20 for the photo print, 50 for the poster board).