Dude Tunic

Monday, June 13, 2011

[day four of Project disConnect]

Mason bought me a book called Sew Tina  (by Tina Givens) a few months ago. A lot of the patterns are for  girls and some are pretty different. But they are unique and I really appreciate that. It does have this really cute little boy tunic pattern in there that I wanted to make for Gavin. I used an old t-shirt of Mason's (that he had surrendered to my stash long ago! I'm no thief!). Instead of showing the bias tape around the collar, I hide mine, which was the same fabric as the rest of the shirt anyways. This was also my first project with my new serger, so the seams turned out to look kind of "flatlocked", but I think it suits this shirt.

I love this shirt with his linen "short pants" and his shaggy hair. He looks like a little hippy. :)

The shirt is also pretty wide. I think that is just Tina Givens' style though. A lot of her outfits seem pretty "oversized".

2 wonderful comments:

Anonymous said...

He looks soo cute! I love the tunic and the shorts. You did an amazing job! :)

Mom said...

That's a great tunic!! But the little boy in it is even more adorable!!