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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It seems that part of becoming a new parent, especially in this day and age, is being scared to death. When you are expecting a baby, it seems that having all sorts of warnings thrown at you is a part of the 'initiation'.

"babies who don't sleep on their back are at a higher risk for sudden infant death syndrome"

                                                        "breastfed babies have a stronger bond with their mother"

       "attachment parenting babies are smarter"

"co-sleeping can spoil your baby, and you might roll on him and suffocate him"

So when the baby finally arrives, you spend the first few nights (or weeks) waking every time he moves a muscle or breathes a little louder. I remember being terrified the first night I was left alone with my son at night. I thought he would just stop breathing at any moment. 

One warning I remember hearing was that children should not be allowed to sleep in a car seat for longer than one hour because their droopy head could interfere with breathing. This is not what a parent who has to take their child on 7 hour car rides wants to hear. I want him to sleep for as many hours as possible because I know that we only get one nap per car ride and less sleep = more fuss.

Finally, the last time we made the trip, I was sick of worrying how he was breathing... so I did this...

That is totally acceptable.... right?

4 wonderful comments:

Tara said...

Hahahaha... I am laughing out loud! Did you tie it on there when he was awake or asleep?

Emily said...

I love this! And I wouldn't worry too much - although how could you not with all the "advice" out there? The concern is more around babies who are constantly in a car seat - including when they are not actually riding in a car. These would be the carseats that attach to a base and come out for easy(???) carrying of the baby. It's fine to let a baby sleep in the car (with or without a forehead rest!)

Honestly parenting is so full of trial and error and there is no "right" way to do it. YOU are the expert on YOUR child and guess what, you are probably doing as much "right" as any other parent! (She says despite her constant self-questioning around her own parenting...) :)

Hang in there momma! And protect those naps however you can!

Lisa Fergus said...



Erica @ Acire Adventures said...


Tara, we tied it on when he was asleep his head was straight down against his chest and his breathing was kind of grunty-sounding, so I just rigged this up.

And Emily! Thank you! This must just be part of parenting, right? Trying to trust yourself while somehow always questioning? :)

Thanks, Lisa! I honestly had this idea a bunch of times before, but finally just did it. lol!