A Personal Story, part 3

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the fall of that year (2007) J and I took a month off of work and moved out to a cabin 45 minutes out of town. We did some fun stuff, and some not so great (drug) stuff. When we got back into the city, something was different. I went back to work at the restaurant and it became the source of the fights that seemed to happen almost daily. One November evening, I came home from work to the usual argument about alcohol and friends. He accused me of being drunk, of cheating on him, called me all sorts of names. I argued back, he walked away, I followed and kept trying to explain myself. Upstairs, I sat down on the bed next to him, trying to get through to him, and he shoved me off the bed. I tumbled heels over head and landed on my back, then he stood up and kicked me down as I tried to get up.

I left.

I called my dad and asked him if I could stay at his house for a while. This was the start of a weird transition period for me. I decided that I was finally going to be single and define myself without a male partner. I was finally able to have real friendships with the great people I met at work. I started going out a lot with them. One night after being out with a friend from work, we were looking for somewhere to hang out. We were going to go over to  another girl's house, but then she said Mason was there and he didn't want to see me. But this friend has a way with people and changed their minds.

Said friend and myself, 2008.
So after over a year of not speaking, I ended up in the same room with Mason. It was weird. We were all drinking though, so it helped ease the tension. From then on, we would see each other now and then. He was living three hours away going to school, but came back often on weekends. We had some mutual friends, so it was a given that we would end up in the same places. I moved out of my dad's house at the end of 2007 and I saw J on and off (mostly because I had never fully moved all of my things out of his place...including my cat... and some of these things we would fight over). After a final confrontation, I moved the rest of my things out of his house and we cut all contact with each other.

Mason and I, February 2008.

to be continued...

2 wonderful comments:

Sheena said...

I think it's great you are sharing your story, and I also am so happy for you and that everything worked out so well :) Seems like you learned a lot from your mistakes/experiences, which is why you are so fabulous!

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thank you so much, Sheena! I'm so lucky with how things turned out and for the lessons I learned. :)