Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Good Morning!

Guess what? I finished up my last two final exams yesterday! That means I'm officially done year 2 of university. Phew! I'm almost half way done, which is pretty nice. We're going to head home to visit family today for a few days because it has been over two months since we've been home. That means I won't have much for posts until I'm back, but I promise to get back on the creative band wagon as soon as I return!

I decided that I should put together a few goals for this summer. Nothing crazy, this is supposed to be my time off after all. So here we go...

1. Get Outside

When summer heats up, I tend to shy away from the heat. We do get crazy wind here, which is a fair reason to stay indoors, but just heat isn't. I want to stop being such a sissy about the heat and spend more time outside this year.

2. Walk

This plays into the last one a little. Gavin loves walking to the park, to and from daycare, and really anywhere outdoors. I've found it really hard to commit to the gym, so I'm not going to fork cash over for a membership this summer, but I hope to do a lot more walking when the weather is good.

3. Read

Being in university means that you have a million pages of (often) boring reading every week. So even when I'm not doing the assigned readings, which is most of the time, I just can't justify reading books for leisure. And I miss it! I used to read a lot. So I hope to read a little more this summer.

4. Go Camping

Mason and I went camping the summer before Gavin was born at Waskesiu, and we had such a great time. We wanted to take Gavin on a camping trip last year, but it didn't pan out. This year I plan on making it work out, it would be so much fun!

5. Get a Job!

[My last job, serving at BPs, can you believe that's even me? I'm the one with the glasses.]
Ok, this should have been number one. Last summer I didn't find a job! So as nice as it is to say that I haven't worked for almost two and a half years, it isn't nice to look at my bank when my student loans run out. This year I will get a job, even if I have it is a crappy one, it's only for 4 months!

And that's it. There's more that I would like to do, but I'll keep it simple. What are you planning to do this spring and summer?

3 wonderful comments:

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

Sounds like some *great* goals!

Some goals I have for the summer are to read, work out, and spend time on my "garden" I just started.

:) I'm happy for you that you finished up year 2! Great job!

Tara said...

I second you on "get outside"!

Also: get organized! Because once I go back to work, there won't be much of that going on...

So happy you guys are home! Can't wait to see you :)

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

:D Thanks! Those sound like awesome goals.

Sarah, that's awesome that you have a garden! I may be a little jealous, gardens are amazing, and I loooove fresh veggies (if that's the kind of garden it is!).

Tara, getting organized is probably a huge priority. Life will definitely be a lot different with little Ben to fill all your time outside the classroom. It was sooo good to see you and your beautiful boy today!