The Rest of the Living Room

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Morning!

Yesterday while I was taking pictures of the "gallery wall" I just finished, I decided to snap a few of the rest of our living room. It's not amazing, but it also isn't a total collage of hand-me-downs like it was a few months ago.

First, there is the gallery wall I showed you yesterday...

Then the TV, on a small EXPEDIT shelf and a large EXPEDIT shelf in the corner. And you can see the chaise part of the couch that extends in front of the patio door...

This is the big bookshelf. I rearranged all the books by colour a couple weeks ago and I love how it looks. I didn't think it would be so significant, but it actually makes the shelf much more appealing to the eye. Also, check out the two green pots on top, I put both pots together when we first moved to Lethbridge and the plants were just tiny. Now look at them! (They are also the first plants I have not only kept alive for an extended period of time, but also had them thrive) Ok enough about my plants...

Our big, comfy couch. We got this in January and I couldn't be happier with it. It is huge and really comfortable. I have even slept on this couch once and I'm really not a couch-sleeper. Also, our big zebra picture from IKEA.

And another EXPEDIT bookshelf... that's right, we have 3 in one room. We actually only ordered (and paid for) one of the small shelves, but they sent us a damaged one, which we returned. They then sent us another damaged one, which they said to just toss. And finally, they sent us a third damaged one! After some flipping and turning and rearranging, we found a way to hide the blemishes and use both! As you can see, this is Gavin's shelf.

And that's it! Thanks for indulging me on this one. I know we don't have a designer living room or anything, but I'm really happy with how far it has come. :)

2 wonderful comments:

Tara said...

The living room looks fantastic! I really like your couch - it looks so comfy! (We will never go with leather again!)

The bookshelf looks awesome all arranged by colour. And great job on the plants, too! I really want to get more plants in our house, but our cats are jerks ;)

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks! I understand what you're saying about leather. While it looks great, I'm not a fan of them comfort-wise.

It's a bummer that your cats are jerks, haha, plants would do so well in your house! Once you have your backyard done, you probably won't notice the lack of plants indoors so much. :)