Terrible Twos

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Morning!

Today, this is strictly a mommy post: something I just feel like sharing. As you can tell by the title, it's about my boy being two...

You know how everyone calls the beginning of toddlerhood, around the age 2 the "terrible twos"? Well I just have to say that whoever made that up is bang on. That is, if they meant it as "terribly funny twos", or "terribly energetic twos", or maybe even "terribly imaginative twos". While Gavin did have a record-breaking temper tantrum last week and he has been getting a little more of an attitude, and being a little more testy, he's far from terrible. I am having such a blast with him at this age. He has all the words he needs to tell me, at least basically, what he needs and wants. He also has the words to tell me all sorts of hilarious things that he thinks about.

Take, for example, a few days ago. We were out shopping and I said something to him, using his name. He looked at me and said "I'm not Gavin anymore". I asked him who he was, if he wasn't Gavin, and he replied, "I'm Diesel" (that is the name of a boy he goes to daycare with). After seeing a Bambi commercial on tv, he announced that he is now Bambi. Honestly, I could just go on and on... Sometimes his imagination is so big... like another time recently, he was eating tortellini and he picked up a noodle and said "It's a shark! Ow, ow, ow! It's biting me!" sticking his finger into it like it was biting him.

My point is, I love toddlerhood. Somebody seems to be out to give this stage of life a bad reputation and I say we should put an end to it. Does anybody else out there love the terrible twos?

3 wonderful comments:

Mom said...

When I had the daycare, I loved the 2 year olds. They were more fun than any other age. That is the time when they are learning soooo much and their personality is developing so quickly. Yes, they test you a lot. But as long as you stick to your guns and don't give in, they come to learn that you are the boss and they respect that. From there, it is just plain fun! I never thought of this time as 'terrible'. It was more like watching a flower go from a bud to a fully open beauty - only even more fun and amazing. Enjoy this time. It will bring you so many fantastic and fun memories.

Tara said...

I absolutely loved working in the toddler room when I worked at the daycare, and it's so cool seeing Gavin reach that stage, too.

I think the twos are so great because toddlers go from imitating, repeating, and responding to actually creating, imagining, and constructing. They become such individuals, and you can see it in their interactions with people, ideas, and the environment.

P.S. Love the Gavin stories!

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

:) Those were both the sweetest, most thoughtful comments ever, and I agree completely!