The Last of the Baby Shower....

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Good Morning!

Well, it's time for the very last of the baby shower stuff... The memory book! I already filled you in on the memory tags that the guests made for this book, so here is what I did with it all. I just bought a simple scrapbook with sleeves for 8x8 inch pages. I had a bunch of card stock on hand at home, so I just picked through it and found what I wanted. Most of it is just single colour sheets. I kept it super simple because my creative talents just don't span into the scrapbooking area!

I put a picture of the mommy and her little guy in the cover [I had no pictures of them together at the shower because everyone else was holding the little guy!]:

I put one 4x6 photo on each page. The first page looks like this:

Then I put some photos of family working on onesies, the things hanging up, Tara opening the gifts, people mingling, and so on.

And in the last section I put a photo of each guest holding the onesie they made (you can see all the photos here) with the memory tag they filled out beside it, like this:

Most of the pages like this one have only one person in the photo, and one tag. I kind of wish more were like this page now, I like the look of it a lot!

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