An Eventful Morning and An Experiment

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Afternoon!

I have a story for you guys today. It's about my morning.

This morning at 5:30 a.m. Mason got out of bed and left the room. It woke me up a little and then I heard a noise, it was the fire alarm going off in the hall outside our suite and people walking and talking quite loudly! Great. So we got up and put our clothes on, there were people outside already, but no fire trucks. We didn't smell smoke, but figured we should go outside. We threw on some warm clothes, and bundled up a confused, sleepy toddler and headed out into the -20℃ weather. Our neighbours were out front with their little dog and they said the entire back stairwell was full of smoke! Gavin and I went and huddled in my car while Mason walked around to check things out. Three fire trucks arrived, much to Gavin's delight, and they got out to assess the situation. It turns out that somebody just emptied a fire extinguisher in the back stairwell! Ugh.

Anyways, that was my bizarre and eventful morning. Onto other things, I tried an experiment yesterday. I have a shirt that I love, but it is black and has faded pretty badly. I decided to try and re-dye it. Here's the results...

This is the shirt, before. I took a similar picture of after, but the whole picture seemed quite a bit darker, I didn't think it was a good example of the difference. So I took some close-up pictures.

Before... the buttons were the worst. See how faded they are around the edges?

 After... I'm pretty pleased!

Oh, and I used Tulip Permanent Fabric Dye, in case you wanted to know. Have a nice afternoon!

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