Baby Shower Series: Samples

Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome to the second post in my baby shower series. In this post we're going to talk about making some sample onesies to help inspire your guests.

When I was planning my shower, I decided I wanted to keep things pretty simple. I'm not really sure how creative my guests would be feeling and I didn't want to put too much pressure on them because this is supposed to be fun! I also didn't want the shower to drag on for 5 hours and I didn't want a huge mess afterwards. So I decided not to do any dying. 

Here are my 3 sample onesies:

The first one I did using a freezer paper stencil and some Plaid Simply Screen fabric paint. I made up the template on my computer, printed it out on the paper side of the freezer paper and then cut it out with my X-acto knife. Then I ironed the stencil on, painted, removed the stencil, and heat set it. Voila!
(If you've never tried freezer paper stencilling, you need to, it's so fun! Here's a great tutorial.)

The next one I did using an iron on (oh, and I didn't use a white onesie, as you can see). I used the dark t-shirt transfer paper because I've never had much luck with the other stuff. I found the design (it's from a children's book by Mo Willems) online, printed it on plain paper first to check the size and colour, then printed it on the iron on paper. Then I cut it out and followed the instructions on the package. It turned out pretty awesome. (I used Transfermations brand paper, if you are interested, it was the iron on for dark stretchy fabric)

For the last one I tie-dyed it and sewed on felt letters. I did not have a dying station at the shower, but I had this great idea and wanted to do it anyways.

This is how I displayed them at the shower. I used clothespins to hang them from the valance above the table where my guests were working.

Tune in tomorrow to hear about the favours!

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