Baby Shower Series: Favours

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to another post in my baby shower series! This time we're going to talk about favours.

It's always nice to have a little something for your guests, to thank them for coming. Usually, you play games at showers and you can hand out favours as prizes, but we didn't really have time for games. So I just made up some favours for everyone. Let me say this: I went a little overboard. Cost wise, no, but time and size wise, YEP. All of this stuff cost me very little (I mean a lot of supplies I had on hand, so they cost me something at some point, but not recently so they feel almost free). I made up a little favour pack for everyone that had 3 things in it: a bar of soap, a jar of sea salt body scrub, and a little bag of fizzy bath stars. Since this post would be massive if I explained each here, I put directions for each item on a different page and just linked up the pictures!

Now that you've figured out how to make these wonderful bath items, let's talk about packing them up to look nice! Just to remind you, I went pretty crazy with these favours, but it was lots of fun. I used 125 ml canning jars for the body scrub, plastic wrap for the soap, and some small zipper bags for the bath fizzies. I had some sticker paper on hand from a long time ago, so I made some labels for everything.

For the jars, I used these blank templates from Martha Stewart's site. I copied them into my word processor and added the font on top. Then I experimented with the size on plain paper until I got the right size. I printed them off at 65% size for them to fit the jar lids.

For the other two things, I just made rectangle labels on my word processor and added font.

I also put a little rectangle of card stock in the bags so that they stayed in place (and it looked nice).

Then I bought some colourful paper bags at the dollar store and put everything inside. I rolled the tops and taped them shut. I had bought these cute stickers (that I was planning on using for the invitations, but didn't) a while ago so I put them in top of the tape to look cute.

Then I made a sticker with the little guy's picture that said "Thanks for coming". They turned out pretty nice.

I also made two favour bags for my little guy and my cousin's daughter because they're old enough to wonder why everyone else is getting a colourful bag. I filled little bags with Teddy Grahams and Animal Crackers, and then put in a little halloween light up toy in for them. I figured they would like these a little more than bath stuff! The little wands turned out to be a big hit!

2 wonderful comments:

Lisa Fergus said...

This is an amazing take home shower gift! I want to go to a shower you throw! ;)

Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks, Lisa!