Baby Shower Series: Gifts

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Morning!

Well, I know that when you're planning a baby shower, it can be a little crazy. BUT you still have to think about a gift. When I had my little guy, an awesome friend of mine bought a little something for him, and something just for me. It was some nice bath stuff and it was a really special gift. Every new mom loves getting tons of stuff for her new baby, but it can be really special when somebody gets something for you too!

So that's why I got two separate gifts, one for the little guy and one for my sister. I bought a bath bomb, soap and a massage bar from LUSH, a nice natural sponge from the drug store, and then I used the extra set of bath stuff from my party favours as part of her gift. I found a cute (and cheap) basket at Michaels and arranged everything inside. Since the basket was quite deep, I loosely crumpled 4 sheets of tissue paper and packed them into the bottom of the basket. Then I took a square of orange linen from my fabric stash, crumpled it (because linen wrinkles so easily), and put it on top of the tissue and tucked it in around the edges. Then, after arranging all the items, I shrink wrapped the whole thing (you can find shrink wrap at the dollar store) and tied on some ribbon [I took the picture before the ribbon step...oops]. Ta-da! A nice gift basket for my big sis.

For the little guy, I had a bunch of clothes that I had bought over the past few months, and a board book. I bought a plain white box with a lid from Michaels, and some really cute blue ribbon. I put everything inside, tied the ribbon on and that was it. I love the classic look of this gift! [And you could definitely reuse the whole get-up]

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