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Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Morning!

I just want to share a movie with you guys that I saw this weekend. It was completely adorable and really unique. There is definitely a specific audience that it is meant for [I'd say moms, mainly], but it is totally loveable. Anyways, it is called Babies. Here's the trailer:

As a mom and also an anthropology student, I loved it. It was really fascinating. There is a couple things to know beforehand. First is that there is nudity. Totally harmless and natural mama nudity, but some people don't want their kids to see that, I guess. Second, there is no narrator, no real dialogue, nothing. There is sound, and if you speak one of the four languages, you will understand bits of what is being said, but what is said is not of any importance in the film. However, don't let the lack of speech scare you away. The movie is only a bit over an hour long and it goes by quickly.

My personal opinion on it? I loved seeing the differences in environments that children are brought up in. The American and Japanese families had a lot of similarities. The things that go on in their lives is what we expect to see, for the most part. The Mongolian and Namibian families are very different. The Western-thinking mom in me got a little squeamish at times: when a baby was left laying in the dirt, chewing on rocks and other found objects, or when a baby appeared to be alone with cows, goats, etc. The anthropology student part of me stopped me from passing judgement. Who am I to say that one family is raising their child "better" than another? Also, seeing the way that the Mongolian and Namibian children were raised reminded me of how funny our own culture can be sometimes. Children are sometimes kept in over-sanitized homes, with enormous wardrobes, pampers, and catalogues of toys, but the children raised without any of these things appear to be just as happy and are developing at the same rate. And afterall, perfectly intelligent and well adjusted people did exist in our culture as well, long before pampers, fisher price, and baby gap.

But in the end, beautiful movie, beautiful children, and lessons learned. It's worth seeing. :)

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Sam O said...

Ooh, I saw the trailer to this ages ago and was intrigued. I will definitely have to see it now.

Acire said...

Definitely see it! :)

Thanks for stopping by, Sam!

Sara said...

I remember reading that there was a bit of controversy about one scene where the baby was left near a goat unattended or something a while back, but do want to see this movie, incredible idea for a look at how different cultures (and no one way is right) raise their kids, I think there's lots to be learned from this movie

Acire said...

Yeah, I definitely had some moments where I felt strange about how these children appeared to be alone. But there were times when you could hear the parents, but not see them, which would make you think they may be there unheard at other times. Also, the person behind the camera was clearly always there for the moments recorded. But I think we just have to take it at face value either way :)