A Delicious Salad for Food Friday

Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Morning!

A couple years ago, before Cookie Crumb was even a twinkle in my eye, I had a delicious spinach salad at a little place called Henry's in Regina. I tried different salad dressings, but nothing could live up to the pomegranate vinaigrette that was on the restaurant salad [I've never been a big fan of raspberry vinaigrette, which didn't help]. Then a couple weeks ago when I was visiting Regina, we went for supper at Earls. A salad on the menu sounded very similar to the one I had a couple years ago. So I got it and it was delicious! It had a champagne dressing, whatever that is. The point is, it inspired me to start looking for an appropriate dressing again... and I found one! It's a berry balsamic vinaigrette. It's pretty powerful, but in a not-too-large quantity on spinach, it's fantastic. It's Sobey's brand, too, nothing fancy or expensive. Go figure!

Anyways, here's a rough recipe for the amazing salad.


1 chicken breast per serving, cooked to your taste (I grilled mine with just a little seasoning)
berry balsamic vinaigrette
baby spinach
strawberries, quartered
feta cheese, crumbled

optional ingredients:

red onion
toasted almond slivers

Directions (sort of!):

You'll want to toss the spinach with the dressing in a bowl first. [with some salads I get dressing on everything, but I think that would be overdoing it for this one] Put it on the plates and place the rest of the ingredients on top. I didn't measure any of the stuff, just tossed on what looked like the right amount. My blueberries weren't fresh either, I picked them out of a bag of mixed frozen fruit.


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Lisa Fergus said...

mmmm....I'm totally making this!
Great blog! I found you over at the link party on Fabulous K! I'm now a follower...feel free to follow back!


Erica @ Acire Adventures said...

Thanks for coming by and following Lisa, I'm on to check out your blog right now...