Shelf Makeover Part 1

Monday, August 2, 2010

Good evening!

I have to tell you, once I got my painting up in the dining room Mason said, "Nice, but there is something missing". I was about to kick his butt for insulting my painting, but he kindly informed me that he was referring to the room in general, not my painting. :)

So, I had this old shelf that my dad made for me when I was a teenager. He helped me come up with a fun design for painting my room, and did all the hard labour. We had a very light purple for the wall colour, with big, overlapping squares in different sizes. There was one set of them in the middle of one wall, and another set of them in the corner where two other walls met. Hard to understand, I'm sure. Anyways, to match with the theme he made these rectangular shelves that connect. He painted them the same colours as the walls.

Pink, purple and blue don't really match this place or my current tastes so I decided to repaint the shelves. I sanded them down and spray painted them black (my first experience doing something like this with spray paint). The paint job is not perfect, but that is why I used black. :) I think they fill the empty wall nicely and take the focus off of the big ugly phone jack in the middle of the wall! It took some thinking to decide what to put on the shelves, but in the end it was a nice place to display some of my really nice glasses that I never use.

[My apologies for the picture quality on the "After" shot. The dining room (especially this spot) doesn't get much natural light, which makes nice photos difficult.]
Anyways, I repainted another shelf as well. I'll post part two about it when it's all finished up!

PS- I shared this project here:


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