Music on a Sunday

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Morning!

I decided that Sunday was the perfect day to let you all in on a new favourite: Around the Well by Iron and Wine. I just got a copy on vinyl and I'm loving it. Some albums were just made to be heard on a record player rather than a computer or cd player or whatever. That said, you'll still like it on your computer! Have you heard of Iron and Wine? I LOVE his lyrics. I think he is just an amazing writer. He also has some crazy credentials.

When I got the record yesterday, Mason started quizzing me about the band whom I knew nothing about. So I got curious and hopped on wikipedia. Apparently Iron and Wine is just one guy, Sam Beam. He collaborates with others, but he is Iron and Wine. He apparently has a bachelor of fine arts specializing in painting, a masters of fine arts in film! He is also a husband and father of five. He has ALSO recorded a number of albums all by himself, writing and playing all the music, doing all recording and production! Yep, he is pretty intense. He has a crazy beard as well. You can read the wikipedia article and check out the official Iron and Wine website if you like.

So give it a listen. It's very mellow, but completely loveable.

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