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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good Afternoon!

Ok, so you get a little something on here today. I can't help it. You know how yesterday I told you about the zoo? Well I forgot something. On our way to the zoo, we came upon a street festival called Sunfest. We decided to take a wander through. We don't really have much culture in Lethbridge, at least not like a big city, so it was a nice thing to experience. We saw lots of cool stuff like these horses:

 And we also found an AMAZING chocolate store. It's called Choklat and they are one of only two chocolatiers in all of Canada who make their own chocolate from scratch. They have some baking that they prepare daily that sits in a case, but any chocolate you buy is made as you want it right when you order it. So this stuff is fresh, absolutely decadent and expensive. They also have hot chocolate drinks that are like melted chocolate. Here's the boys chowing down on Choklat's amazing brownies!
If you are ever in Calgary, you must visit this place! :)

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