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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good Morning!

I'm excited to show you guys this! I have been working on it for quite a while now. I think it will continue to be an ongoing project, but I have enough done that I can show you. :)

This is what I did to Cookie Crumb's new room! I made these from felt. The project is the easiest thing ever. You just draw the shape of a cloud on the felt with chalk, cut it out, stitch around the edges, stuff, and close! Then you stitch a little loop on the back, put a nail in the wall and hang the cloud. Super easy. For the sun I made the circle first, then added all the triangles and then the face. I used a little white glue to keep the facial features on, but you don't really have to because the felt sticks to itself.

The little man loves his room, too. Every night when he goes to bed he has to say good night to his sun, clouds, and Omar. I think that it would be hard to wake up in the morning and not be happy with that big smiley sun over your bed! Don't you agree?

2 wonderful comments:

Sara said...

Those look great! And the same technique could be used really for any shape you wanted, definitely an idea I'm going to have to file somewhere!

Acire said...

Thanks, Sara! And yes, the possibilities with felt are limitless. I'd love to see what someone else could think up! :)