A Little Bit of Etsy in My Life...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good morning!

Do you ever just explore Etsy and all of the amazing items? I know I do. I was doing that last night and it inspired me to share some picks with you. I was in the mood for clothes that I would love to wear. Check out this fabulous stuff.

This is the first shirt I found. If I could afford $105 shirts, I would buy it!
Publish My Love Bell Sleeve Top by iheartfink ($105)

I don't really understand this dress fully, I would have to see it in real life. It caught my eye though, and I like it!
Tulip dress swirl by cocoricooo ($55)

There's something beautiful about tiny girls in big clothes! 
Sober by Lwangslife ($68)

Last but not least is this cute brown dress. Simple, but unique: the perfect combo.
Banded Bandit dress by sewmoe ($165)

Have a great day!

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