Monday, July 26, 2010

Good evening!

I'm sorry for being so absent lately, but I'm sure everyone knows how moving is. We're getting close to the end, I hope. Today I went to the old place and cleaned and moved ALMOST all of the rest of the stuff to the new place. It seems like every time it might be the last load, I remember something else! At least the place is clean now and all I have to do is empty out the remaining contents.

I'm really anxious to get this new place finished, too. I've been putting the decorating off until after the old place is finished because I know that once I start on the fun stuff I won't want to go back and finish off the dirty work at the old place!

Just to keep everyone amused with new stuff, I've decided to feature some jewelry pieces this time around. These are all made by a lovely lady named Anita Sikma (my step-sister). I could never pick just one item to show of hers because I love all of her pieces so my picks today are from her site anitasikma.com. I recommend to any reader (especially if you live in Vancouver) that you check out her entire site. Her stuff is simply amazing. :)

This set of rings are my sister's engagement ring and wedding band. Anita also made my brother-in-law's wedding band that is matching, but without diamonds. If you knew my sister, you would be as in awe as I am at how perfect these rings are for her!
 Anita's pendants are incredibly unique. The personality and individuality in each item is quite astonishing!

 I couldn't leave this last piece out. It is definitely up there with my very favourites!

Oh, and her brother takes the stunning photos. You really have check out his website for some equally amazing photographs.

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