Summer Fun Has Begun!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good evening!

I almost put afternoon because it still feels like the afternoon here. Sorry for the cheesy title as well, but it just fits so well because the beautiful summer weather is finally here. Not just for one day a week either! That is very wonderful EXCEPT for the fact that we live in a second storey apartment with no air conditioning. :) When it gets to this time of day it is actually hotter inside that it is outside! 

Today I bought Mr. Cookie Crumb a little paddling pool that was small enough to fit on our balcony. I'll just let you know that bath time and outside time are his favourite of all, so putting the two together was like winning the lottery for him. He was so excited to be out there and was pretty unimpressed (to say the least) when we finally made him come in. 
(Here he is going nuts in the pool)

So I already have my mind on next weekend because we are going home for 4 days. That is awesome, but visiting everyone in that amount of time is nearly impossible. It's complete mayhem for the full 4 days, to say the least. However, in honour of our trip home I decided to add some cute Etsy finds that one might find useful on a weekend trip! (click the photo to view the listing)

I love this adorable weekender bag. Personally, I use a duffle bag that is older than I am (yes, it is teal and purple) for such trips, but someday I will learn to travel in style!
This bag, found at doodlescoot for $48, is even personalized with your initials.

Next is a beautiful kimono-style bath robe from plumprettysugar for $70. For the summer, the knee length version ($64) would probably be best, but the full length one is where I got the picture from!

A great way to take your favourite soaps with you (or to try new ones) is by purchasing sample packs. Many sellers on Etsy have deals like this one from SpaGoddess, where you can receive four 0.5oz bars for only $5. These are the perfect size for a weekend away!
(And by the way, these soaps are organic, vegan, cruelty-free, nut-free, SLS-free, sulphate-free!)

The final item it something I think almost every female travels with: a toiletry bag. I found this one at SwingStationStudio for $32. I love the size of it, as well as the bright Michael Miller fabric! Oh, and I am also a big fan of boxy pouches!

I am finally finished classes for the summer and will hopefully be working when I am back from my crazy weekend! I will make sure that I devote a post to talking all about my initial experiences in education, but let me just say, WOW! :)

Good night ;)

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