School and Some Exciting News

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Good evening, everyone!

I have been busy with school lately, so the blog has been suffering a little. I have been having a really great time hanging out in the grade 4 class, though. It has been quite an eye-opening experience for me, especially because the school is in a neighbourhood that has a lot worse socioeconomic standing than where I grew up. Many of the children have a lot on their minds from their personal lives and it can be hard to get their full attention. But they have wonderful personalities, bright minds and a bunch of tricks up their sleeves anyways, it's just different from where I grew up. Yesterday I had the opportunity to tell the class a little about myself. I asked them to guess what year I was born in (they didn't know my age yet) and the first guess was 1949! Kids are really hilarious.

The exciting news part of the post is that the band that my boyfriend plays in, The Living Luca, got a deal to make a record under the Ghostwood Records label! They are local and very flexible, by the sounds of things. So it sounds pretty awesome. I'm excited for them and I can't wait to hear the album. Congratulations to them! You should probably take a look at The Living Luca on myspace and listen to some of their kickass songs. I will definitely post more about them again another time. Maybe I'll arrange a giveaway to do with them someday.... first I need more followers... spread the word!

Here's a little blurb the guys from Ghostwood Records wrote about them (which is so awesome):

Ok, now on to the “Living Luca” story, the other night, Ryan, Dino and I decided to go out after along day of rehearsing, and came across this band that litterly blew us away! Picture, No Doubt meets Incubus/311. Totally totally amazing band. The Lead singer,Bridgette Yarwood... will blow you way. She has the most amazing voice and stage presents I have ever seen. A true Stage woman, with a solid Kick ass rock hard solid band behind her.
 And a couple photos!


(PS- Bridgette Yarwood is on vocals, Ivan Reina on guitar, Mason Schaffer on bass guitar, and Brendon Yarwood on drums!)

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