Raining Cats and Dogs!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good Afternoon.

I've been thinking about the strange uncreative state I've been in lately. It seems that now that I have all the free time in the world (one class, no job), I've stopped being so creative. What a bizarre thing to happen! When I was insanely busy with six university classes, I used every spare second to sew. Now that I have seemingly infinite spare seconds, I have stopped. I think it goes to show the extent of my procrastinating problem. I will go so far as to search high and low for projects to work on just so that I don't have to work on the projects already there for me to do. Oh dear.

Anyway, two nights ago I had a wonderful dream that I feel I should share. The dream took place at the house I grew up in which was on a busy residential street, that was fairly wide with a boulevard in the middle. In my dream I was in my old bedroom on the second floor which had a large tree outside the window. I glanced out my window and saw some bright coloured cockatiels hanging out in the tree. If there's one thing to know about Canada it's that there are certainly not cockatiels living wild outside. So me and whoever it was that I was with went outside to see what was up with these birds. When we got outside and looked up towards the sky.... it was raining cats and dogs! The first dog I remember seeing was a great dane! Somehow these animals were falling quickly, but landing softly. It was quite the sight to see, and it thrills me that my sleeping imagination came up with something this wonderful. The sky was clear and blue, but somehow these animals were raining down. When they hit the ground they started gallivanting happily around, and there were no cars around to threaten them. I ended up finding a little schnauzer puppy and took him home because, well, free dog, right? That's really all there was, but what a great dream! It fascinates me that the mind can create such bizarre, far-fetched situations that are so vivid in my memory that it seems it actually happened. 

That wonderful dream is the most creative thing I've done lately, and it was while I was sleeping! Ok, I'm kidding. I did make these strange earrings a couple days ago, and I got a complement the first time I wore them out! They are also so light I can barely feel them, which I love since I don't wear earrings very often these days. I'll have to get my hands on some more sterling silver wire and make more of this sort of thing...

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