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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Good Evening, everyone!

I'm sitting in my room listening to dogs barking and sirens roaring. It's an unusual sound here, it's usually pretty quiet. But there's the remnants of a beautiful sunset and the air is so fresh and warm that I can't complain.

I can't say I have been doing much for creative things (still!), so I thought that I would share a couple of the beautiful, handmade pieces of art that are scattered throughout my apartment!

The first item is a wood carving. My boyfriend bought it at a craft show in Regina in 2006. There is a business card stapled to the back that says the artist's name is Mike Saretsky. I googled his name and found this website. I'm sure it has to be the same guy, the art certainly looks similar. It says that when he was sixteen he was making more money doing his woodcarving art than the principal at his high school! Very interesting. We're proud to have a piece by him :)

The second item is nothing amazing, but it is special to me. It's just a print of an altered photo of my hand! I made it in high school when I was experimenting with different art mediums for my Advanced Placement art class. I fell in love with oil pastels and would always use my hand to wipe any mucky colours that got on my pastels. This particular time, I got distracted and just coloured my hand. I took a photo, adjusted the settings to make it bright and funky, and voila! I printed it off and put it in a cheap frameless frame for my boyfriend at the time who is also my boyfriend now. However, we broke up for about 2 years in between and he still had it and now it is in the apartment we share. :)

Last is the most special piece of all. This sculpture/vase was made by my dad! I guess my dad made this odd sculpture in a high school art class. The second photo shows the face that is on it. I personally LOVE this piece. I think it's a really cool work of art. My grandma kept it for over over 30 years in her house, and when she downsized into a condo, I claimed this fantastic piece. 

I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't see it's beauty, but that's fine. He doesn't do art for a living, and certainly doesn't work with clay, but he's a brilliantly creative and artistic man. You'll get to see more made by him later (hmm...potential father's day post?). :)

Have a great night!

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