Some Minor Changes

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good Morning!

I just thought that it was worth pointing out that I made a couple changes. I decided to alter the appearance of my blog a little. I am always very drawn to bright, busy patterns, but I find them too distracting for backgrounds in the end. That is why I decided to simplify the look of my blog a little.

I'm sure you have also heard of the book, if you are into the crafty world like I, but in case you haven't...
Right now I'm reading 'The Handmade Marketplace' by Kari Chapin. It's all about establishing your presence in the marketplace, be it on or offline, and selling your stuff. So far it is interesting. A lot of the information I have heard before, but now it is all in one place. It is definitely worth the $18.

If you are into crafting and would like to sell your stuff, this book is a great resource. I wish it was around when I was thinking about starting. That reminds me, this book is copyright 2010, so it's brand spanking new. This means that all the info is as up-to-date as a book can be. I love the Craft Show Supplies Checklist at the back of the book!

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