Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Today was a snowy day in Lethbridge. Yesterday it snowed all day and all night, so this morning we woke up to winter. That soon changed, though, when it began raining on top of the snow. Let me just say it was a BIG mess, and the city declared itself in a state of emergency when the power started going out all over the place.
The little guy's daycare was also closed because the staff couldn't get there, so we had a snow day. Just me and the little man. It was lots of fun. Since he started daycare at 7 months old, I haven't spent much time during the week at home with him, just weekends. So we did fun things, coloured, read books, danced, and what not. (Ok, he mostly coloured on his face because he wanted to eat the markers and crayons)
But he was cute all the way along, and so good. No wonder his notes from daycare always say his day was 'Great', 'Terrific', 'Awesome', etc. I lucked out with this boy.
Anyways, another great thing about the day is that my window gardens are getting little sprouts! They are itsy-bitsy right now, but they are there - they are alive!
I could barely get them to show up in the picture, the one of the left is the biggest. :)

While the little guy was napping this afternoon, I whipped this little cape up. He has learned how to play "Super Baby" by putting his hands in the air and making a 'sss' sound, so I thought he should have a little cape.
It must have inspired him because when his dad came home, he tackled him like "Super Baby" would a bad guy.

I am planning on putting together my first tutorial soon! It will be for this little cape. I figure I should start small. So watch for that. 
Finally, we all went outside in the snow today. It was a sloppy mess by 4:30 p.m. when we got out there, perfect for building snowmen. The little man was especially interested in all the water dripping from the roof and down the drain pipe.
I hope everyone else enjoyed their day, snowy or not!

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