Friday, January 24, 2014

Yes, five. 

Well, six birthdays, five full years.
Tell me, does a mother ever get used to these things?

I registered him for kindergarten earlier this week, and I drove right past the school first.
I made it in on the second try, but barely. I always thought it was a little silly when people talked about crying when they drop their child off for their first day of school. I don't think that anymore.

This boy is such a sweetheart. In five years he has gone from a sweet baby to a sweet and articulate boy. I say articulate because one of the most amazing things about him is his ability to put things into words. Almost daily he spontaneously pipes up with some sweet declaration of his love for Mason or I (or both). A couple weekends ago he randomly spoke up and said, "Mom, don't you know eternity means forever? I'll love you for eternity. Even when you pass away and I pass away, I'll still love you." We weren't talking about love, forever or death before that at all. 

He just melts my heart. I'm so lucky to be this sweet boy's mom.

Happy 5th Birthday, Gavin.

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Grandma Val said...

Happy Birthday Gavin!