Hello, September

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hello, September. Where did you come from? I know that September doesn't mean summer is over, as the majority still is summer, but I can't get over a lifetime of school years. September means school and school means fall. And as much as I love and look forward to fall, I've felt a little bummed out lately. This summer was just so fantastic that it's a little sad to see it ending. Especially, I suppose, because there isn't a new school year to replace it. And no job, just a big fat question mark. I like change, but uncertainty is always difficult. 

But summer. What a summer we had. And that makes me smile. It was full of friends and family and camping and exploring. I have a computer full of photos I've barely looked through, many just of the great times, and a bunch of things I meant to blog about but didn't ever get to. I'm so completely ok with the things I didn't get to because the things I did get to were so wonderful.

In honour of it still officially being summer, here's a summer song that I'm loving right now. :)

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