DIY Magnet Strip

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm in the process of giving our activity room a little makeover right now. (we call it our activity room because it's our home office, art room, music room, sewing room, craft room, etc. all in one) I'll be honest, it's basically just something for me to work on in between searching for jobs so I don't go nuts. ;) 

Gavin requested that his table be right beside my desk so that's where it sits. I wanted a spot for him to hang his masterpieces that he would be able to use himself. Previously I had a little string with tiny clothes pins with pictures hanging, but he just didn't use it. I figured magnets were the way to go because he is used to using them to hang his works of art on the fridge. 

My first idea was one of those magnetic strips that people hang knives or spice jars on in the kitchen, but the cheapest ones weren't quite what I had in mind and they were still about $15. Then the idea struck me: all I needed was a chunk of metal that magnets would stick to, and some magnets. Duh! 

Enter the $1.97 steel ruler from Walmart and some double sided mounting tape. It's just too simple to even make a tutorial for! You could paint it or cover it with fabric, but I thought the ruler look was cute. (You could also use a meter stick if you wanted something longer.) I grabbed some magnets from the fridge and called it a day! 

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