The Art Gallery

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

When we were in Regina visiting around christmas, I made sure Gavin and I took some time to visit the art gallery. Gavin gets plenty of exposure to fun stuff like sports from Mason and his side of the family and the activities that we have put him in. So I figure I need to balance it out with artistic things, since they hold a place as dear to my heart as sports to Mason's. 

It's been years since I visited the art gallery and who better to join me than Gavin? We had a run-in with a security guard over touching things right at the start, but things went smoothly from there on out. And at the end we came upon the learning centre where we built the "castle" pictured with Gavin above. We also made snowflakes and some ATCs. It was a blast. Oh, and it was free too!

PS - the 25 before 25 list

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