Monday, January 21, 2013

Have you ever made a purchase that you absolutely love and were really excited about, all the while aware of how nerdy you were being? This was one of those. 

This semester I'm taking a sewing (actually 'costume construction' to be precise) class and we're expected to have good quality dressmaker shears. So I went all out and bought $50 gingher shears (for $30, thanks to a Michaels coupon). And when I got home, I emailed my mom about them, thinking she might understand my nerdy excitement, then wandered around looking for something, (*some fabric*) to cut. ;)

PS - I took and edited the photo with my iPhone. I'm amazed at the quality of cell phone cameras these days!

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Sheena said...

When I was learning to sew, my teacher/friend said that the shears I had that were handed down from my Grandmother were amazing quality and she was totally excited about them! Then I became excited about them too haha so I definitely understand :) Sounds like a fun class!