A Break

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hello, stranger,

I'm sure if you visit this site with any regularity you know I've been MIA recently. It's that time of year at school. You know, the "I have to write 40 pages worth of papers in 2 weeks and will avoid it by finding completely unproductive things to do with myself instead of writing papers or even blogging" time of year. :) 

No, I'm not that bad about it, but I haven't been taking time during my breaks to blog. So I've decided to take the rest of the year off. I may pop in once or twice later in the month, but I'd rather just take that pressure off and focus on other things. 

I've decided to continue on with my thesis, taking a new approach, so I need to dedicate time to that. And in a couple weeks I'll be back in Regina with my family and I want to spend that time with them. If you're looking for some crafty inspiration, feel free to browse my past Christmas posts or just search "Christmas" on my sidebar search.

And have a wonderful December!

PS - the photos are of Gavin's first gingerbread house!

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