KCWC Day 7

Sunday, October 14, 2012

While I thoroughly enjoyed committing to spending a week sewing clothing for Gavin (which I haven't done much of for a long time). I must say that the first six days left me with pieces that were nice, but not thrilling. I usually improvise parts or all of my creations so I'm usually left with details that didn't work out as intended. I realize that the rest of the world probably doesn't notice these things, so I don't worry about them much, but they do stop me from being over-the-top thrilled about the creations.

But this shirt is the reason why I allow myself to keep improvising and going in without a plan. Instead of matching things perfectly, having a pattern, sewing the right stitches in the right order, I let the fabric and the moment direct me. And when it goes this well it is so damn exciting. 

Do I sound like a total nerd? 
Yeah, it's ok, I know I do. 

So here it is, my finale to my first KCWC and my most favourite little boy shirt to date. :)

It's a strange combination of stretchy and non-stretchy fabric. All upcycled from old shirts of mine. And it has stripes (I'm obsessed with stripes, if you didn't know) and details that make the difference... like the front pocket, and the combination of vertical and horizontal stripes on the hood. Oh, and the hood has more than enough room for Gavin's big melon.

3 wonderful comments:

Alyssa said...

I love it! Such cuteness. Nice job.

Laura said...

So cute, love all the extra details and the mix of fabrics. Great job.

Tara said...

I agree - The combination of fabrics is fantastic and the details are adorable!