Our First Big Family Trip!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's still a long way off, but we're so excited that I wanted to blog about it anyways... We booked a trip to Hawaii!

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My dad & step-mom have been going every year for a number of years, so we're going to drop in on them in February for a little holiday. 

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We've already been scouring the internet for things to put on our "must do" list and realizing how easy it would be to make it into a busy trip (which we'll try to avoid). 

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And this trip will be extra special for the boys because both Gavin and Mason have never been to the ocean before. What better place to take your first swim in the ocean than beautiful Hawaii, right? :)

If you were to go to Hawaii, what would be on your list of "must-do" activities?

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Tara said...

- Spend LOTS of time at the beach. Go snorkeling, if you have a chance.

- Go to a farmer's market - amazing fresh fruit, veggies and gorgeous Hawaiian flowers for super cheap!

- Eat some star fruit (which I'm hoping you bought at the farmer's market). Hopefully it's in season... Or is there even such thing in Hawaii? Anyways, good, fresh star fruit eats like an apple, but tastes like raspberries! (Star fruit that you try in Canada just tastes like chemicals.)

No matter what you do, you guys will have so much fun! I'm so excited that you are going!