10 Things I Love About Family Road Trips [in no particular order]

Sunday, August 12, 2012

1. The slow change of scenery.

2. The fun things we see on the drive.

3. My awesome little traveller.
(this kid is such a good sport through hours and hours of driving)

4. New experiences, even if just for Gavin
(his first cotton candy experience + throwing coins in fountains)

5. Being  silly.

6. Taking the time to enjoy a sunset.
(funny sidenote: I took this photo then moments later spotted the girl fishing on the left + the pair beside her who are friends of mine from Regina!)

7. Beaches! 
(because Southern Alberta is seriously lacking these)

8. Taking naps together.

9. Days of family time with few commitments.

10. Revisiting.

(Mason & I camped in Waskesiu 4 years ago when I was pregnant & we were just dating & there had been no talk of adoption. It was special to go back there as a family.)


2 wonderful comments:

Sunshine said...

Great pictures! I enjoy road trips too, especially the scenery.


Mom said...

Gavin and Mason really look alike in those last 2 photos! :)