Adoption Day!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's hard to believe, but one year ago today Mason officially adopted Gavin! 

While Gavin is only half adopted, the day that his adoption became official is special for us. I think that it is important that he always knows what adoption means for our family and that it is something we are proud of. For me, it's an occasion to celebrate! Being that I don't know anyone else who is adopted or has adopted, I'm not sure if/how other families celebrate their adoption day, but I knew I wanted to start a family tradition for us. 

So I got a little gift that I knew the boys would love and enjoy together: LEGO! We celebrated it on the weekend since we had lots of free time together. It was so simple and so sweet. 

I love creating new family traditions!

Have you ever heard of Adoption Day celebrations? I'd love to hear how other people celebrate the occasion. :)

2 wonderful comments:

Mom said...

Hard to believe it has been a year!! I hope Mason knows that this adoption is very special to your entire family too. He is more than wonderful as a Dad. I'm glad you celebrate the day. It is a great tradition to have.

Tara said...

Happy adoption day! I was totally shocked to see that it's been a year already. Love you guys :)