A Quiet Medicine Cabinet

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

One evening while I was brushing my teeth, I was staring into the open medicine cabinet and I caught my eyes unconsciously reading over the labels on the bottles. Instead of being in the moment, relaxing my mind before bed, or thinking of something useful, my mind was absently eating up all the words on the labels. 

Everything looked chaotic & busy, with flashy colours and letters. 

So I picked up the bottle of contact solution and peeled off the label. It came off easily and left no sticky residue behind. Then I did it to every other container with a label that would peel off. 

I already know how to apply deoderant and I'll never have any clue what any of those strange ingredients are anyways, so the labels are of no use to me anyways. Now when I open my medicine cabinet, I'm not mindlessly consuming clever brand names, slogans, logos, and warnings. I just see what I need to see, quiet shelves of different coloured and shaped bottles. 

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