Life Without Dad

Sunday, April 29, 2012

You may not know this, but this past week Mason was away. Yup, five days without the d-a-d in the house. It's funny because Gavin and I have left him alone here for a few days before, but this time he left us. On his first flight (that's right, 25 and his first time on an airplane!) and his first trip anywhere below the 48th parallel (no, I don't mean the 49th). So even though Gavin and I have had some time away from Mason before, it was always in Regina where our entire family lives, so it wasn't really alone time. In Lethbridge, Gavin and I rarely socialize outside of school/work/daycare and we have no family here, which meant a lot of time for the two of us.

What was life like as a temporary single mom/only child duo?

-Gavin mysteriously ended up snoozing with me, every night! He went to sleep in his bed and I don't even remember him crawling in. Very, very sneaky, that boy.

-We spent a lot of time playing outside because after a couple hours inside together we started to turn on each other! I don't know what it was, but getting outdoors gave us the space we needed to enjoy each other's company instead of butting heads.

-We missed Mason's presence. The fun thing about parenting in pairs is that each parent generally brings something different to the equation, and we missed Mason's wild silliness. I definitely had to try to compensate for it and although I can't do justice to his crazy antics, I think it was good practice for me. We all need to get silly sometimes!

I guess we must have been really excited for Mason's homecoming because we drove 2 hours to Calgary to meet him at the airport! Gavin and I enjoyed some big city fun {see photos above} before the flight came in and then he had a snooze in my arms at the airport... 

which was adorable, but man is that kid heavy now! And now we're happy to have a weekend to just hang out as a trio again. :)

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