My Weekend

Monday, March 26, 2012

This weekend was one of those that really raises my awareness to my current position in life. Most of the time, I just wander on through the days, taking my life as it is because it's just so normal for me. This weekend really showcased how funny it is. Mason was working nights so I was heading to bed as he went to work, and I woke up shortly after he got home. Gavin & I were at our most active as he slept. And then on top of that was the juggling of homework... 

I'm up to my ears in that stuff right now so I was definitely guilty of letting Mars Needs Moms help a bit here and there while I tried to jam out a couple hundred words for my 18 page draft due this friday. We still did a bunch of playing, cookie making, and shopping though, so I've decided not to feel bad about it. When Mason was up I found myself torn between the my "shoulds"  - homework vs. family. And then, when I really got into it I thought to myself Geez, I really should have bought myself a bigger desk! ;)

Once and a while, when things get really crazy I think about how different life would be if we still lived near family. Gavin could get in family time while Mason snoozed and I homeworked... but alas, I have the lessons I've learned here instead. :)

How was your weekend?

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