I was never a planner...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I say I’m not a planner for two reasons:

1. I don’t really put a lot of effort into making plans.
2. My plans usually fail.

They kind of create a fantastic little cycle of chaos in my life.

But not really chaos. My life doesn’t feel chaotic for the most part.
It’s just every now and then I realize,

 Hey this isn’t going the way it was supposed to...   or    I guess things are changing in ways I hadn’t planned for...

Gavin was one of those... Mason was one of those... Moving to Lethbridge was one of those... 

And my life is really fantastic because of it. So the other day, when my favourite anthropology professor asked me, “Do you want to do an honour’s thesis? You're a good student and I think you'd be really good at it”. 

I was like, Hmm, I guess this is one of those too.

But sometimes I still find it hard to let go of plans entirely... uncertainty - living without the illusion of control - is scary.

So here we are, our little family originally moved here with 2 and a half years in mind, and that time is up. Mason has accomplished what he had planned on accomplishing (getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Addictions Counselling), but it doesn’t look like we’re going home anytime soon

He has applied for grad school and I’m throwing all previous plans out the window to do some giant anthropological research project and seeing where it takes me!

Exciting? Yes

Crazy? Yes.

Scary? Yes.

But why not?


PS - this qualifies for a very awesome thing in my 23rd year... click here to see more of my favourite happenings this year.

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