An Early Gift

Saturday, December 17, 2011

This year is our third christmas since we moved to Lethbridge.... and we've finally learned some lessons.

The big one is: the car that takes us to Regina doesn't have a very big trunk.

We visit our family for 2 weeks or more at christmas time, which means we have a lot of stuff to pack (clothes, snowsuits, etc.). Add presents on top of that and it is one crowded car ride! So this year when we decided to get Gavin a big gift, we agreed that it wouldn't be making the trip with us. That lead us to the decision to just give him the gift when it arrived so he could have some fun with it before we leave!

I did my best to wrap it up...

And I took a video of when we gave it to him... he got that paper off in record time!

And he's barely touched any other toys since!

In case you're curious, it's the wooden workbench from Melissa & Doug. The whole thing is really good quality and we love how open ended it is. I think he'll be using this toy for a long time! We could use some more construction pieces to make more things with... maybe that will be his birthday gift.  :)

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