Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My halloween started off with Gavin acting like the most terrible terror of a two year old I've ever had to deal with. Seriously, he was absolutely insane... I don't know what happened! But somehow I managed to get him into his costume and to daycare an hour earlier than he usually goes there and as soon as we arrived, he did a complete 180. It's nice to know that he knows when his behaviour matters most!

Here are some photos from his day...

They had a little costume parade at his daycare. He was a clown again this year because the costume I made last year was plenty big (he could probably wear it next year too!) and he really wanted to wear it!

His BFF was the cat in the hat. They are seriously the cutest pair, they're just days apart in age and have been in the same group at daycare since they were 8 months old! And the little girl is Gavin's "girlfriend" (that's what he calls her), she's also been in his group since they were under a year.

Gavin refusing to wear his clown wig out trick or treating:

One house we went to had 3 really cool pumpkins, this was my favourite:

How was your halloween?

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Tara said...

That's awesome his costume still fit! I love it :)